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Full list of investment projects of agriculture of the South of Russia is ready for inspection
In the SFD and NCFD are currently implemented more than 50 investment projects in animal industries and plant growing. The team of analysts of the company "East Capital" has prepared the report with the actual list of ongoing and planned projects.
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To obtain a free report: https://forumagroyug.com/investment-projects/

Some of the projects described in the report:

· Taste of Stavropol - Construction in the foothill area of the greenhouse complex for year-round commercial cultivation of strawberry (strawberries) in a closed/protected ground, the volume of investments of 500 million rubles

· Caucasian health - Construction of a dairy complex at 1200 dairy cows in the village of oyskhara in the Gudermes district, 2nd place, volume of investments: 1,554 billion rubles

· Tsori meat plant - processing beef, with a capacity of 10 tons per day and production of sausage products with capacity of 1 ton, the volume of investments: 250 million rubles

· Giaginskaya oil processing complex - construction of a workshop extraction of soybean oil with a capacity of 200 tons/day of soybean meal, construction of domestic buildings, investment amount: 857 mln

· Dig-agro - creation of a complex for receiving, storage and primary processing of grain, the volume of investments: 99,9 mln

The study was conducted in preparation for the 5th anniversary international investment forum and exhibition Agroyug 2019 (September 18, Stavropol), in which these and other investment projects will be discussed in detail.

Silver sponsor of the event: EuroChem trading RUS; bronze sponsor: Romax.

To register for the event follow the link: https://forumagroyug.com/zapros-na-registratsiyu/


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