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The digitalization APK – tribute to fashion or a natural stage of development of the industry?
FAO said the value of agrotehnologiya of innovations in agriculture on the forum "Agrotech-2019"
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Proper use of pesticides and sustainable agriculture, as well as new possibilities of technology of the blockchain in the agri-food industry have become one of the main topics for discussion by experts at the International forum "Agrotech-2019. Steps beyond the horizon" organized by National research University "Higher school of Economics" (HSE) in collaboration with FAO and Ministry of agriculture of Russia, held in Moscow on may 30-31.

Planet of knowledge

The global digital network and smart farm, the latest achievements of genetics and breeding, molecular biology and biotechnology – all of this comes massively in agriculture, is not just a fashionable trend, and technological base of agricultural production.

However, said the state Secretary – Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Ivan Lebedev, to create highly efficient export-oriented agricultural sector, developing on the basis of modern technologies and staffed with highly qualified personnel, requires close interaction of universities and research centers with organizations of the real sector of the economy.

The fundamental and applied science "to synchronize with the needs of the industry", – said the Deputy Minister, speaking in this context about the idea of "planet of knowledge", which involves, in addition to the coordination of activities of research institutions, the establishment of "competence centres", in particular, in such areas as breeding and genetics.

Blockchain: an explanation in understandable language

Technology of distributed databases (DLT) is able to transform the global food system by improving efficiency along the entire length of supply chains, the growth of trust, transparency and traceability.

In his video address to the forum Mike Tripoli, economist, Division of trade and markets, FAO, Rome, presented an overview of the DLT and their applications in food systems and agriculture, analysed the impact of public policy on food security and rural development, has called the potential problems, risks and prospects.

Blockchain is one of the types of DLT. It is also referred to as the "Internet of values", which means secure storage and transmission of different values – of currencies, shares, contracts, and even of the votes cast at the polls – from one owner to another.




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