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The drought in the wheat belt of Australia runs until the end of September
Dry weather in Australia may persist at least until the end of September. This forecast was made by the Bureau of meteorology of Australia.
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According to forecasters, there is only a 30% probability that in Australia in the period 1 July to 30 September was average rainfall.

During this period the probability of exceeding the average maximum heat level is 80%.

The weather is bad news for Australian wheat producers who face drought on the East coast of the country for the third consecutive year.

Earlier this week, the Agency ABARE lowered its forecast for wheat production in Australia by more than 11% to 21.2 million tons.

Because Australia, of course, will be in the new season the export potential of small, traditional buyers of its wheat, such as Indonesian and Japanese millers will be forced to seek alternative suppliers, including Russia.




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