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The President of the NRA of the Roots of Beidou the insured on June 1, the area of crops increased by almost 7 times
"This year, the National Union of agricultural insurers have noted an unprecedented increase in demand for crop insurance. As of June 1, the insured area of spring sowing increased compared to as at the same date last year, almost 7 times. This is a direct consequence of the changes of legislation, and joint and purposeful measures taken by Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Russia and the NSA, according to the reconstruction and development of the agricultural insurance market in our country", – said the President of the NRA of the Roots of Beidou, commenting on data of the Union of insurance spring planting.
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According to the NSA, as of June 1, 2019 in the base of the Union received information about the prisoners this year contracts of insurance of agricultural crops on the area of 542 thousand hectares a Year earlier this figure was only 78 thousand ha. in addition, the increased average area of insured crops per 1 contract – it increased from 1.9 hectares to 2.7 hectares.

The amount of insurance premiums accrued on the insurance policies, also increased by almost 7 times – up to RUR 699 million compared with 102 million rubles a year earlier.

At the same time NSA data indicate the development of insurance of farm animals. Livestock insured on June 1 under agreements concluded with the beginning of the year increased compared to the same period last year by 18 percent to 1.95 million heads heads from 1.65 a year earlier. The volume of insurance premiums increased by 36% to 379 million rubles in comparison with the 279 million rubles on June 1, 2018, the market Growth in this segment was mainly due to the increase of the insurance sum (that is, adopted liability of insurance companies under the contracts of insurance) by 37%, according to the President of the NRA.


"Information at the beginning of June are not final – the conclusion of contracts of insurance of a crop within 15 days after the sowing, and in addition, they enroll in the database of NSA with some time lag. Therefore, the NIC predicts that the result will be exceeded, – stressed Roots of biggov. The non – active now noted the growing interest of farmers to insurance protection. This is due to the increased flexibility of the terms of insurance, today farmers can choose the risks which can be included in the policy and taken measures to stimulate the provision of high per-hectare support to the insured farms. Furthermore, the increase in the frequency of adverse natural phenomena, which was observed last year, forcing the economy to think about risk management".

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