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In the Krasnodar region for harvesting grain started 15 municipalities
Agrarians harvested winter barley. All the agriculture plans to collect an area of over 136 thousand hectares.
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The harvest began 15 districts of the region. Threshed 7.3 thousand hectares of the farmland is 5% of the target.

The gross output of agriculture is about 50 thousand tons with srednekraevoy yield of 67.8 kg/ha.

We will remind, this year the Kuban farmers will have to remove more than 1.6 million hectares of barley and wheat. This will involve more than 40 thousand units of various equipment.

Until completion of the harvest the Ministry of agriculture and processing industry of the Krasnodar region will work round-the-clock hotline. For any questions, farmers can call the numbers 8(861) 325-90-73 and 8(861) 214-25-49.

All received suggestions and comments will be promptly transferred to the supervising unit of the Ministry for appropriate action.




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