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The French open in the Novosibirsk region factory on processing of grain
Company Tereos, the largest sugar producer in France, intends to create in the Novosibirsk region factory on processing half a million tons of grain a year.
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Construction plans "daughter" of the French company Syral in this area. The project will give the opportunity to solve the region's objective to increase domestic consumption.

Previously, the project was discussed at the bilateral meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev and the head of Tereos of Alexis Duval. The company discussed plans to enter the Russian market, as well as developing new areas (e.g., production of food products from cereals).

Also two similar plant of similar capacity will create in the European part of the country. Details of the project have not been determined yet, at this stage, selected plots.


source: https://agronews.com/ru/ru/news



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