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Glyphosate-resistant wheat found again in Washington - it has not been sown
Wheat plants resistant to glyphosate herbicide, was discovered in the United States for the third time. And the second time – in Washington state since, as in 2013 was derived from wheat that are resistant to glyphosate
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The service of inspection of health of animals and plants of the Ministry of agriculture (APHIS) made the following statement:

"The USDA is working with our state, industry and trading partners, and we strive to provide all our partners with timely and transparent information about our performance.

Currently in the United States no varieties of GM wheat intended for sale or for commercial production, because APHIS did not cancel the regulation of wheat GMO.

After the previous detections of GM wheat, the Ministry of agriculture of the USA has strengthened control over the conduct regulated field trials of GMO wheat.

APHIS requires that the developers applied for a permit to conduct field tests of GM wheat since the GMO wheat planted on 1 January 2016 or after this date. This minimizes the risk that adjustable wheat GMOs to persist in the environment.

This discovery is the result of events that occurred before the Ministry of agriculture of the USA has strengthened its control over the adjustable test wheat GMO."




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