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In Estonia, the environment 400 hectares of land destroyed by pesticides
Bird watchers are outraged, as the herbicide has destroyed the habitat of great snipe
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In the South of Estonia found a site ecologically dead land. Rather, in this area of the field for weed control were used the threat of glyphosate. Ornithologists contend: field birds are homeless, according to the portal rus.err.ee.

The meadow Korwa area of five hundred acres in the County of Valga is always pleasing to the eye of birdwatchers for its inhabitants. But this year, during the spring March to this place, experts expect a nasty surprise.

"I visited one of the polders, one of the old restored places for growing crops in the South of Estonia. There I wanted to calculate the great snipe. Them remains not so much. And in the Western part of Europe this species has disappeared altogether. When I came to the place, the main part of the lake, about four acres, was sprinkled with poison and, of course, the green cover was lost", - told the "Actual camera" ornithologist of the Estonian University of natural Sciences, LEGO Lughaya.

Ornithologists believe that in this field most likely was used a chemical, presumably the herbicide glyphosate. As noted Lughaya, today, not only in Europe, but in Estonia the sale of chemicals for weed control from year to year, which in turn has a negative impact on the population of inhabitants of meadows and fields. But the law has a gap that literally allows the landowners in their areas to use chemicals despite the fact that there can be a host of field birds.

"As you know, from the first of January of last year, all land owners have the opportunity on the site to use the same restrictions that exist for reserves. But people are still not aware of the existence of such opportunities, and this situation in the flood plain of Corva could happen out of ignorance. The owner of the land apparently did not know that at this place there are valuable birds, and the field could be maintained environmentally friendly," - said leading specialist nature protection Department of environment kayle Wilma.

The Department of agriculture conducts field analysis, to determine whether the largest plot of land on floodplain meadow Corva was poisoned with a herbicide with glyphosate.




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