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Cherkizovo group will apply artificial intelligence in a pilot project to improve productivity
The company "Mosselprom", which is part of Cherkizovo Group", has signed an agreement with the Russian company "Matler" the launch of the pilot project innovative solutions Morigan.Lean on the Assembly line.
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The purpose of the implementation is to increase the efficiency of manual labor on Assembly-line production "of the spreading and packing of the tibia". Morigan.Lean will provide objective quantitative indicators of personal productivity that will allow you to achieve more control and motivate employees. The technology was developed by employees "Matler" on the basis of computer vision and neural networks.

The principle of operation is following: above the table package is cameras. On the headpiece of the employee to apply the bar-code, which is listed in the system. The camera takes into account the number of substrates collected each employee per shift and generates a report. It allows an individual to pay for his work. Accordingly, the motivation of each employee and, consequently, productivity.

The managing Director of "Matler" Eugene Tetenkin notes that cooperation with Cherkizovo is one of the most important projects for the "Matler". Implementation of the solution Morigan.Lean in "Mosselprom" on the Assembly line to keep track of productivity of each employee individually, to motivate staff and thereby increase productivity with existing staff. In addition, the experience of implementation of Morigan.Lean on other businesses allowed three times to reduce the period of training a new employee and achieve regulatory targets.


According to the head of Department for slaughtering and processing of UK Poultry division of Cherkizovo Group Roman Isichenko, the launch of the project is an important step of digitization of the enterprise and the industry in General. The introduction of innovative technologies allows the company to retain the existing leadership in the industry.

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