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22.8 million tons this crop of potatoes predicts the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation this year
Potato production in Russia is growing every year. This is facilitated by measures of state support
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According to the forecast of Ministry of agriculture, the gross harvest of potatoes in 2019 will increase to 22.8 million tons.

In 2018 production in all categories of farms amounted to 22.4 million tons, which exceeded the result of the 2017 3.2%.

To support potato producers Ministry of agriculture implements a set of measures, in particular, in the framework of the "unified" subsidies, as well as unrelated support in the field of seed production, the Federal scientific and technical program of development of agriculture for the 2017 - 2025 (FNTP).

One of the areas of import substitution potatoes also is the development of agricultural logistics infrastructure of the market of agricultural products, raw materials and food. So, in 2018 put into operation 375 of potato and vegetable storages with a total capacity of simultaneous storage of 1 196 thousand tons.




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