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On a direct line with the President was a question about the development of farming in Russia
Boris Akimov addressed to Vladimir Putin on the development of products and brands of local production.
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While in the Moscow Studio, Boris Akimov appealed to the President with the question of the allocation priorities of state support in the sphere of agriculture. According to farmer, the government helps more agricultural holdings, and not small businesses. Approximately 90% of all aid goes to the largest 10 companies in the country. Meanwhile, the profit centres of these companies are located either in Moscow or abroad. A small business invests in the development of the territory where he lives and works, thus is the driver of development.


There is an idea to launch in Russia programme for the development of brands and products of territorial origin, which will give farmers an impetus to the development and consumers this is good.
Boris Akimov, founder of the farmers cooperative

The President supported the farmer and said that the state should provide support.

What you said about helping farmers - it echoes discussions about what the state should first of all pay attention to. I know this discussion. Know who in the recent past was her "apologist", as a joke ready. And no joke, this is the former Governor of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev. He always said the engine for the development of agriculture are the major commercial production. In fact, they provide the main commercial products, it's true. And so, not only here but also abroad. But forget the small, middle-sized farms, of course, impossible. Here I fully agree with You.
Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation

The head of state noted that the amount of farms has grown in recent years to 45% that without state support it would be impossible. Of the total volume of state support 45% are large farms and 16% on farms. Market volume, which is the farmers of today, is 12%. This means that the amount of support more than a place which is now occupied by farmers, and suggests that the state is pushing for further development.

Vladimir Putin asked the Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev to study the issue of support for grocery brands.


source: https://www.kubantv.ru



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