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Locusts in Russia threatens more than 600 thousand hectares of the surveyed 5 million hectares of agricultural centre
Locusts in Russia threatens 616,55 thousand hectares of the surveyed 5.1 million hectares of crops, according to the agricultural centre, which is monitoring these pests fields. Presently, the locusts treated to 191.6 thousand hectares, involved in this action 459 units of ground equipment and 42 AviaPort.
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It clarifies the experts, the greatest attention to the situation related to the distribution of locusts, is required in Kalmykia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Stavropol, Volgograd, Astrakhan and Rostov regions. For timely carrying out protective treatments on Federal lands at the agricultural centre there is a provision of insecticide "of Imidor" in the amount of 22.8 thousand liters for processing 303,81 thousand hectares.

According to the agricultural centre, the situation with the spread of pests and measures to combat them were discussed at the meeting in the Ministry of agriculture. As have informed on it the Director of the Department of plant Roman Nekrasov, the region faces the challenge to prevent the occurrence of emergency situations on the pests and save the harvest. Such meetings, he noted, will be held in the Ministry of agriculture on a weekly basis.




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