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Stavropol is among the leaders in the structure of Russian exports
In the Stavropol region, the turnover of foreign trade of the region has grown over the past goal more than three percent and exceeded $ 1.7 billion. Today exports and imports in the region are engaged in more than 550 companies, making it the first position in the structure of Russian exports, according to the Department on the information policy of the government of the UK.
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Jump occurred due to the increase of the supply of grain, food, chemical, food and processing industry in the partner countries of the region. We will remind, among them are Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Iran, Brazil, Algeria, China, Egypt, India, USA and Australia. Helped by cooperation with those countries who have purchased Stavropol products not so long ago, is Argentina, Tunisia, Sudan, Nicaragua, Namibia, Senegal, Ghana, Maldives, Costa Rica and Slovenia.

Experts from the Ministry of economic development of Stavropol predict the expansion of supply to foreign partners this year.




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