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Kazan: Farmers received more than 130 million rubles for the development
In the framework of the program "Entrepreneurship in the countryside" from the beginning, subordinated to the Ministry of economy of Tatarstan Guarantee Fund has helped entrepreneurs raise funds more than 130 million rubles.
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The participants of the program - rural entrepreneurs. The guarantee Fund acts as guarantor of up to 70% of the loan amount. The maximum amount of the guarantee is 5 million rubles.

Once businesses have received support in the framework of preferential programs, began a farm of Elabuga and alkeevsky regions. Thanks to the guarantee of the Guarantee Fund of the agricultural enterprise received the development activities of 13 million rubles.

A farm of Elabuga region on the land plots with an area of 1441 hectares of growing crops, rapeseed, sunflower and perennial grasses. A preferential loan of 8 million roubles, the economy has received on the development of livestock. Guarantee Fund acted as guarantor for 3.8 million rubles.

Another participant of the program "Entrepreneurship in rural areas" - a farm alkeyevsky district - growing cereal, pulse and oil crops, they breed cattle and produce milk. 140 head of cattle, contained in two farms the farms produce milk not only for Tatarstan, but also for export to Ulyanovsk oblast. The loan amount for further development of production amounted to 5 million rubles. Guarantee Fund acted as guarantor for 2.5 million rubles.

Earlier it was supported by two major agricultural enterprises of Baltasinsky district.

This year to support rural entrepreneurs can be obtained from 678 million rubles. Funds will be used to Finance regional project "Establishment of support system for farmers and development of rural societies".

Given this amount, the total amount of support for rural entrepreneurs in 2019 - 2021 will be more than 1,097 billion rubles. 418,8 million of them, the Republic will receive in 2019, more than 327 million pledged for 2020 and 351 million in 2021, the press service of RT Ministry of economy.




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