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Report on the actual state of the greenhouse industry in Russia
The team of analysts of "East Capital" has prepared a report on the state of the greenhouse industry in 2019. The report represents the most current information on greenhouse agriculture sector, including on the actual state of the greenhouse investment projects.
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The greenhouse industry for several years shows a positive development: a growing area of the greenhouse facilities, increasing productivity, growing exports, the existing production capacity updated. New investment projects on construction and modernization of production capacities attract the attention of not only domestic but also foreign investors. However, the industry is producing greenhouse crops have not yet reached the level of self-sufficiency, and hence development potential remains large.

The study presents:

· key figures of the industry: information about the prospects of greenhouse industry

  • overview of current greenhouse investment projects (construction and modernization of greenhouses)
  • an analysis of the views of more than 250 respondents on trends in the industry – managers and leading specialists of agricultural holdings and greenhouses

To report

I draw Your attention that the most important questions regarding the prospects and development strategies of greenhouse industry in Russia and the CIS will be discussed in detail at the 4th international investment forum and exhibition "greenhouses of Russia 2019", 4-5 December in Moscow.

Silver sponsor of the event: Signify, bronze sponsor: Rijk Zwaan, profile partner: Association of Greenhouses of Russia.

The 4th annual international investment forum and exhibition "greenhouses of Russia 2019" - a prestigious professional international platform for attracting investment in the greenhouse industry, discuss strategies for industry development, exchange of experience between key market players and signing new contracts.

Contact person: Elvira Sakhabutdinova, project Director

+7 495 10 99 509




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Monday, 14 October 2019
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