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The agriculture Ministry plans to control the collection of wild berries and mushrooms
The Ministry of agriculture can obtain the right to regulate the collection, processing and trafficking of wild mushrooms, berries, nuts, birch SAP, and medicinal plants, follows from the draft government resolution developed by the Ministry.
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The document is published on the portal of legal initiatives for public comment. Wild fruits, berries, nuts and mushrooms — a valuable food resource, and the scope of their treatment — "economically and socially significant industry with significant growth potential," reads the explanatory note to the document. In addition, products based on herbs has a good export potential, according to the Ministry.

For this project, the Ministry of agriculture published "an authorised Federal body of Executive power on the formulation and implementation of state policy and normative legal regulation in the sphere of activities of collection, processing, circulation of wild food resources."

The implementation of these powers will be exercised within the limits of the established number of staff and budget allocations, RBC.

The draft government resolution was published on 2 July. In December 2018, Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Gordeev instructed the Department to analyze the situation in the sphere of use of wild berries and mushrooms and to make specific proposals to the government.




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