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Domestic anglers: on the road to low prices for salmon are the poachers.
Russian Association of fishery enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters (VARPE) has asked the Ministry of agriculture with a request to solve the issue with poaching in the basin of the Pechora river. It is on the Pechora concentrated the catch of salmon — Atlantic salmon.
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The letter read "news". The Association proposes to create an information system for online monitoring of the fishery, where anglers will be legal to enter data as his catch and illegals. Due to poaching, the population of Atlantic salmon is reduced -- since 1960, she dropped dozens of times. As a result, now in the Russian market are mainly sold imported products at a higher price. If you manage to defeat the poachers, the value of domestic wild salmon in retail can be reduced to 500-700 rubles per 1 kg, experts say.

Studies show that the volume of illegal catch at times exceed the legal dimensions. Experts are sure that with the strengthening of control over illegal catch of salmon population will increase. In the long term this will reduce the share of imported products on the market, and will also reduce the retail price of salmon. In a press-service of Federal Agency for fishery (under the Ministry of agriculture) "news" confirmed that the small stocks of salmon do not allow to develop this resource in full. The volume of catch is determined on the basis of scientific advice with a view to preserving the population. The Agency is strengthening conservation measures.

In particular, we are considering that at the time of spawning salmon to send to these areas employees from other regions. Today this measure is applied during the salmon fishing season in the far East, and, as an option, can be extended to the North of the pool, said the press service. The Agency believes that now is the most real source of saturation of the market valuable fish aquaculture, it is lowering the price of salmon for the retail buyer.






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