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The exports of butter to Russia for 5 months increased by 75% - Federal customs service
As noted in the FCS, in the dairy sector continued sharp growth of import of butter. In five months it amounted to 75.2 per cent to 48.4 thousand tons ($245.2 million). The export of cheese and curd increased by 13.8% to 107.4 thousand tons ($432,54 million), condensed milk and cream - by 19.5%, to 77.7 million tons ($178,6 million).
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Fish imports in the first quarter declined by 2.7% to RUR 170.5 thousand tons ($470,3 million). According to customs statistics, the supply of bananas in January-may decreased by 1.7% to 717,4 thousand tons ($432,5 million), apples - by 11.4%, to 523,1 million tons ($309,7 million). Imports of citrus increased by 5.7%, to 805,9 million tons ($578,2 million).

The supply of coffee increased by 14.6 percent, to 92.5 million tons ($260,3 million), tea declined by 11%, to 63.9 thousand tons (us $185.9 million).

In addition, in January-may Russia imported 409,9 million tons ($256,4 million) of palm oil, which is 0.7% lower than a year earlier. The supply of vegetable oil has collapsed at 90.8%, to 1.3 thousand tons ($1.1 million). Import of raw sugar grew by 29.2%, to 2.8 million tons ($1.9 million), white sugar - by 51% to of 173.7 thousand tons ($54 million). Cocoa beans were imported to 23.9 thousand tons ($63.1 million), which is 18.3% more than in five months last year, cocoa butter 13.4 thousand tons ($79 million), is 1.9 per cent higher than a year earlier.

The supply of products, containing cocoa, grew by 12.8%, to 45.6 thousand tons ($201,1 million). Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in January-may were imported on $1 billion 009,1 million, which is 3.8% more than in the corresponding period last year. Delivery of raw tobacco increased by 14% to 69,2 thousand tons ($316.1 million). Cigarettes and cigars were imported $23.8 million, which is by 56.3 percent less than a year earlier.




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