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NSA: Eldos Auteco, Chairman of the "Association Insurance" of Kazakhstan presented the experience of the digitization index crop insurance
"Experience of implementation of index insurance in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was presented to the participants of the round table NSA on agricultural insurance in St. Petersburg deserves careful consideration. The risk of drought insurance which is designed this system, is also one of the major risks for crop production in Russia", – said the President of the National Union of agricultural insurers the Roots of Beidou, commenting on the report of the representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the event.
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Report on a fundamentally new method of crop insurance, which is based on digital technologies, presented Eldos Auteco, Chairperson of the "Association Insurance" of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the framework of an integrated project in Kazakhstan has already carried out a large scale transition of farms to the online about 70% of arable land is already digitized, and this information is entered in the personal accounts of farmers. The use of satellite data has allowed to implement in a pilot mode of insurance of crops index of moisture in the soil. In 2020 it is planned to introduce insurance yield index and the index of biomass in the pastures. The project is implemented in partnership Kazakh company AGRIN with the reinsurance company Swiss Re, the insurance broker "Malakut", the digital platform for business APK Qoldau, the us aggregator of weather data and data APK DTN, companies VanderSat and Airbus.

"In Russia, by 2024, the Ministry of agriculture planned to implement the project on introduction of digital technology in agriculture, which also provides for the introduction of the personal accounts of farmers. Therefore, Kazakhstan's experience is of particular interest. Although it should be noted that the subject of the introduction of index insurance system with state support in Russia in the insurance market is debatable," said the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov.


Round table "agricultural Insurance as a risk management tool for agriculture. Prospects of development" was organized by ECA in the framework of the XVII International conference on insurance of the Russian Union of insurers of St.-Petersburg. The event was held July 3 in the building of the State Hermitage. It was attended by the heads of the establishments of agricultural insurance with state support, representatives of insurance and reinsurance companies, industry associations agribusiness, agricultural science from Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

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