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The port of Caucasus has reduced grain shipments by 55%
The total turnover of the sea port of Kavkaz in January-June 2019 amounted to 12 million 640 thousand tons, which is 36% lower than the same period of 2018. About this regional correspondent of IAA "PortNews" reported in the service of the captain of the port of Caucasus.
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Including the RAID transshipment port area of the Caucasus were transshipped 4 million 707 thousand tons of export cargo, which is 27% lower than last year.

Exports of port Kavkaz increased 2.5% to $ 767 thousand tons. On the contrary, the import volume decreased by 68% - to 36 thousand tons, cabotage – by 45%, to 7 million 25 thousand tons of cargo.

The volume of transshipment of coal increased 3 times - up to 2 million 126 thousand tonnes, sulfur – by 4.2 times, up to 1 million 402 thousand tons. On the contrary, the volume of petroleum products decreased by 16% - to 4 million 15 thousand tons of grain and grain cargo – by 55%, to 3 million 783 thousand tons of inert materials and ores by 46%, to 421 thousand tons.

The total volume of bunkering in the sea port of Kavkaz for 6 months of 2019 has decreased by 26% and amounted to 105 thousand tons of fuel.

Service of the captain of the port of Caucasus 2962 registered vessels for the period January-June of this year, which is 4.3 times less than in the same period of 2018.




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