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JSC Federal freight has provided transportation of humanitarian cargo in Irkutsk oblast
JSC Federal freight has provided rolling stock for transportation of humanitarian cargo in the areas of Irkutsk oblast, affected by the floods.
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According to the chief of Irkutsk Agency of transport service JSC "FGC" Yevgeny Korolyov, the Company responded promptly to the emergency and sent boxcars for loading at the station of Irkutsk and the battery of the East-Siberian railway for further shipment to the cities of Tulun, Nizhneudinsk and other places.

"To provide emergency assistance to affected citizens immediately after the flood has been possible only through Railways. In the disaster area sent 6 cars with drinking water, food, beds, mattresses, tents and other necessary goods. Now to the carriage and connected to other modes of transport, which provide targeted delivery to far from the railway areas. We continue to monitor the situation and ready to provide the necessary quantity of a rolling stock for transportation of construction materials to rebuild infrastructure in the region", – said Evgeny Korolev.

He also said that JSC "FGK" always pays special attention to solving such problems: the rolling stock Company involved in the transportation of food, daily necessities, machinery, buildings, equipment and construction materials for carrying out emergency operations and rendering assistance to the population affected by floods in the far East and Krasnodar Krai.

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