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The court upheld the "agribusiness" in dispute with "Sitedown" about copying packaging design
Miratorg, the largest producer of main types of meat and semi-finished products in Russia, reports that the court on intellectual rights has supported the company in a dispute with the owners of the brand "Sytoedov" about copying the design of the packaging: the court of cassation quashed the lower courts ' decisions and referred the case for retrial.
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Holding in favour of fair competition and protection of intellectual property, which is important for the food market where a strong brand is an important condition for commercial success. "Miratorg" - one of the most recognizable brands on the market and enjoys the trust of buyers. Illegal use of objects of intellectual property not only misleads consumers, but also allows unscrupulous competitors to actually earn on foreign investments. To identify such violations and to eliminate them in accordance with the law, "Miratorg" established a specialised Centre for the protection of intellectual property in the Legal Department.

In the debate about the design of the packaging with "TPK "Vilon" – the owner of the brand "Sytoedov" – "Miratorg" continues to insist that the design of the semi - "Sytoedov" mimics the appearance and style of products "Miratorg" – stewed meat and burgers, and argues its position data of consumer surveys, opinions of the Union of designers and Rospatent. "Miratorg" has addressed in UFAS across Moscow region with the statement for recognition of the action "Vilona" unfair competition. Antitrust Agency found no violations of the law, however, the holding did not agree with this decision and appealed it to the court. The arbitration court of Moscow and the Ninth arbitration appeal court upheld the decision of FAS legal, however, before a specialised court for intellectual rights as the court of cassation quashed the lower courts ' decisions and sent the case for retrial to the court of first instance.

"Fair competition, including brand protection from imitation and unauthorized copying, is a necessary condition for market development, the emergence of new solutions and products aimed at the end consumer. We have invested millions of rubles into development of a brand that is trusted by the customers. New products, corporate identity, packaging design is our intellectual property, which we will continue to defend by all lawful ways", - said the press service of "Miratorg".

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