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The grain harvest in 2019, will allow to provide requirements of Russia and the development of export potential
The Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev held a plenary session of agricultural exhibition "Russian field day – 2019," which was held in Saint-Petersburg state agrarian University. During the event, members of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, authorities of constituent entities and the regional agricultural administrative bodies, representatives of agrarian science and education, trade unions and associations, as well as the business community discussed the results of sowing and harvesting in 2019.
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"A year ago "all-Russian field day in 2018" we set the task of increasing production, improvement of technologies, the preservation and increase of cultivated areas, increased use of fertilizers, use of achievements of domestic breeding. Preliminary results not only planting, but also started the harvesting campaign show that many subjects of the Russian Federation to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of agriculture, show a good performance", – noted in a salutatory word Dmitry Patrushev.

According to the Minister, to date winter crops in the country is over 17 million hectares, more than in 2018, while growing and yield. These results were achieved despite unfavorable weather conditions, which in 10 regions of the country declared a state of emergency. In addition, this year, increased acreage of major export-oriented crops – wheat, barley, corn, sunflower and soybean, which is particularly important in light of the task of increasing exports of agricultural products.

Currently in the whole country grains and legumes threshed on an area of over 5.7 mln ha, and produced nearly 23 million tons of grain with a yield of 40.7 kg per hectare. According to forecasts, this year it is expected the grain harvest in the amount of about 118 million tons, including wheat to 75 million tons, which will allow Russia to provide not only the domestic needs but also ensures the stability of the market and growth of foreign supplies.

As the Minister said, the importance for increasing production of major crops is the provision of high-quality seeds and fertilizers, reclamation works and the liming of acidic soils, scientific and personnel support of production. Also the head of the Ministry focused attention on the need to improve the quality of agricultural products, increasing the availability of agricultural equipment, provision of agrarians with mineral fertilizers.





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