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Bloomberg said a rich harvest of wheat quality in Russia
In Russia, in 2019, the farmers harvest of extremely high quality wheat, says the American edition of Bloomberg.
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The publication notes that in the southern wheat belt in Russia in the last time there was a dry and hot weather, thanks to the protein content in grain increased. According to farmer Andrew Burdin, the share of high quality wheat in the current year amounted to about 80% of the total, which is four times more than usual.

However, according to Bloomberg, high-quality grain so much that the farmers will be difficult to sell it at higher prices. In this regard, some farmers have been hoarding grain, expecting that prices will grow, if the crop in other regions of the country will be poorer quality.

As reported IA REGNUMinformed earlier, the Minister of agriculture of Russia Dmitry Patrushev said that the grain harvest in 2019, will allow to provide not only the domestic needs but also ensures the stability of the market and growth of foreign supplies. To date, the country grains and legumes threshed on an area of over 5.7 million hectares.




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