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The USDA lowered the forecast of the world supply of soybeans for 8 million tons
The USDA reduced the forecast of world soybean production in season 2019/20 by 8.35 million tons to 347,04 million tons for USA, Canada and Ukraine. The Agency said Grain Online.
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Bad weather in the US is not allowed to fully carry out the sowing of soybean. Therefore, the area under soybean and its yield will be much below the previous forecast. Gross harvest of U.S. soybeans will not exceed 104,6 million tons (123.7 million tonnes in 2018/19 season). Ukraine will collect 3,8 (4,5) million tons of soybeans, which is less than the June forecast. Assessment of the future of the soybean crop in Russia has not changed is 4.3 (of 4.03) million tonnes.

The forecast of world soybean exports increased 0.2 million tons to 151.3 (150,2) mln t. the Deterioration in export prospects for U.S. soybeans was blocked to improve the forecast of exports for Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

The forecast of ending stocks was reduced by 6.8 million tons to 104.5 (113,0) mln t, mainly because of the United States.




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