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Dmitry Patrushev thanked the Leningrad oblast for the positive dynamics in agriculture
Dmitry Patrushev and Alexander Drozdenko discussed issues of development of the agroindustrial complex of Leningrad region at "Russian field Day-2019"
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The Minister of agriculture noted the positive dynamics in many sectors of agriculture in the region, including for the production of poultry meat, milk, vegetables, as well as the tractor.

Another driver for the development of agribusiness in the region is food processing industry, which accounts for approximately 4.7% of the gross regional product. For 2018, the production volume in this segment increased by 2%.

According to Dmitry Patrushev, these findings are particularly important in the context of the implementation of the "may" decree of the President of Russia to increase export of agricultural products. In 2019 for the Leningrad region set a target in this area of 234 million dollars. In the first half of this year, he is almost 54% above the average for the country.

Positive dynamics in the development of agriculture largely a result of the provided measures of state support. So, in 2019 from the Federal budget for state support of farmers of the Leningrad region allocated more than 1.2 billion rubles. While the direct recipients region have brought more than 62% of funds that exceeded the national average.

Dmitry Patrushev thanked the head of region of Alexander Drozdenko, for his work to bring government support to farmers and compliance with the targets for exports, but also stressed that the Ministry of agriculture will continue to help the agricultural producers of the region all possible support.

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