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Rainy weather in July contributes to the development of crops - Belhydromet
Rainy weather in July contributes to the development of agricultural crops in Belarus, as the situation has improved soil moisture, BelTA was told in the Republican center for Hydrometeorology, monitoring of radioactive contamination and environmental monitoring Ministry of natural resources.
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"The prolonged drought this year has affected grain formation. But in the first decade of July the rains caused the increase of soil moisture reserves, which favorably affects the development of crops. According to the latest observations, on the main massifs of winter grain crops maturation: marked wax ripeness in the southern part of Belarus - complete ripeness. Spring barley and oats in many districts also noted wax ripeness, the South has come full ripeness of grain. In the farms of the southern region began harvesting. The past and expected in the near future, rainfall in most areas will maintain a good supply of moisture to crops. The rain will deter the drying of the grain, to complicate conditions for harvesting of winter rape and grain crops, hay," said Belhydromet.

This year due to earlier sowing dates of maize development is ahead of last year's deadline. In many fields marks the panicle inflorescence emerge. Agrometeorology note that improving the availability of moisture in July should have a positive impact on the formation of productivity of this culture. The increase in green mass of corn at the moment is better than last year.

Len is ready to terebeny. "Unfortunately, the drought occurred in the period of maximum growth of the stem. High temperatures and lack of moisture places influenced by the condition of flax. According to the results of selective surveys of fields, the drought has had the greatest influence on crops of flax in the Western part of Vitebsk region, some districts of the Gomel and Mogilev regions. If you assess the situation in General, in the Brest, Minsk and Grodno regions of len formed is generally higher than last year, and in other areas it is inferior to last year's figures," - said in Belhydromet.

Due to the low temperatures there is a certain lack of warmth for heat-loving vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes. And for the less demanding crops, such as cabbage, now are quite favourable conditions. Current weather and contributes to the formation of potatoes, root crops.

Forecasters say that next week the heat can not count: the background temperature will be below climatic norm. Also expected short-term rains, thunder and light fog.




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