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In the Kaluga region launched a new direction of state support for farming
The Ministry of agriculture of Kaluga region holds reception of documents for participation in competition on receiving grants "Agrostat".
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This is a new direction of state support to farmers has become possible thanks to the implementation of the national project "Small and medium entrepreneurship and support of individual business initiative". The competition will be determined no less than 22 grantees, which can be directed towards the development of their rural business is not less than 2 million rubles. A total of Kaluga agrostroi will receive 75 million rubles.

Acceptance of documents for the grant contest "Agrostat" will last until July 25, inclusive. The competition is open to peasant (farm) enterprises registered in the current financial year and are Russian citizens, are required within 15 calendar days after the announcement of the winner on the results of the selection Commission to carry out the state registration of the farm. Each participant needs to submit the project to develop farming on one of the selected areas: animal or crop, as well as plan of costs and a list of property to be acquired, which may include land; acquisition, construction, repair, modernization and reconstruction of production and warehouse buildings and structures; the purchase of farm animals, poultry, fish stocking material; agricultural machinery and trucks. The maximum grant amount of 3 million rubles. The results of the contest scheduled for 2 August, and within 18 months, the grantees will be able to realize government support. They must also create at least two permanent jobs, if the amount of the grant is 2 million rubles or more, and at least one new permanent job if the grant amount is less than 2 million rubles.




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