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Russian agriculture immediately after the test were poisoned in the economy of Bulgaria
In July of this year in the Bulgarian city of the Covenant held a field demonstration of agricultural equipment Rostselmash, a member of the Association "Rosspetsmash". According to the results of the demonstration equipment, the company went straight into the economy.
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European farmers saw the car from 3rd class to 8th class. The greatest interest was observed in combine harvesters with a capacity of 360 HP

- RSM 161 may operate in all grain-producing regions of the country. With various adapters, is used for harvesting cereals, legumes, the harvesting of sunflowers and grain maize, which suits our farm. This machine is out of competition, - commented on his purchase of the head of household is M&S TradeConsult OOD.

- The possibility of harvesters allowed to hold a demonstration at cleaning almost without regard to weather, proving that agromashiny work great in all agro-climatic conditions. High infestation fields, high humidity, soft soil, discostella culture, or, on the contrary, high solomitol, laid bread unripe or pereslavski, - all these circumstances,which held the field demonstration, once again emphasized the technical advantages of these machines, - said the representative of Rostselmash.

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