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Scientists in the UK create climate-resistant varieties of black currant
Black currant is loved not only consumers, but also scientists from a specially created Fund to support this culture in the UK
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The harvest of black currant in the UK begins this week with a forecast of 10,000 tons of berries.

This year the vegetation period against the backdrop of warmer winters. This suggests that without a sufficient number of cool days, the plants of black currants will be less productive.

In connection with the trend of a warming climate, new investment in sustainable currant varieties and advanced cultivation technology designed to protect the future of one of the most popular British crops.

Fond of black currant, representing producers of black currant across the country, working on a new project "Innovate UK".

The project involves a governmental Agency of innovation NIAB and East Malling Research centre agricultural research Institute James Hutton.

Fond of black currant exists almost 30 years, providing growers with seedlings of the most promising varieties, and now heads the initiative breeding climate-resistant varieties by the methods of conventional plant breeding.

A new variety must maintain productivity under conditions of warmer winters. This is a long-term strategy, because to create new varieties requires at least 13 years old. However, the groundwork is already there. Variety of black currant Ben Loers, created with predetermined characteristics, will bring a harvest this year.




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Friday, 04 September 2020
Thursday, 03 September 2020
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