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The growth of exports of U.S. soybeans will lead to a significant reduction in world reserves
US Department of agriculture (USDA) in its July report had lowered the forecast of ending stocks of soybeans in the world in the season 2019/2020. According to the July forecast, the reserves will decline sharply to 104.5 million tonnes, whereas in the June forecast included the increased 112.6 million tons. At the end of the season 2018/2019 stocks are expected to reach 113 million tonnes.
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The main reason for the decline in world Outlook is the expected sharp drop in soybean stocks in the US – with of 28.56 million tonnes at the end of the season 2018/2019 to 21,63 million tons. This happens due to significant growth in soybean exports from the United States to 51.03 million tons against of 46.27 million tonnes in the current season.

As in the June report, the USDA predicts a slight increase in soybean stocks in Brazil (from 26.75 million tons to 27.45 million tonnes) and is quite marked decline in Argentina of 29.45 million tonnes in the current season and 26.2 million tons in the following. In China it is expected a slight increase to 21.37 million tonnes. The Outlook on the European Union is not changed and is the same 1.44 million tonnes in the current season.




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