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Finnish "Raisioaqua" will present a modern fish feed at the exhibition in Moscow
The company "Raisioaqua" from Finland will present his first production at the jubilee XXV International specialized trade and industrial exhibition "MVC: Grain-mixed Feed-veterinary-2020". The exposure of the company can be seen from 28 to 30 January at stand 201, in pavilion 75 VDNH (Moscow).
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"Raisioaqua" produces feed for different fish species. Feeds are made taking into account the stage of development and nutrient requirement for each species of fish. Part mainly include: vegetable oil, vegetable proteins, fish oil, fish meal, vitamins and minerals.

Feed from "Raisioaqua" designed specifically to stimulate the growth of cold-water fish. For the customers there is also a food intended to improve the health of the fish.

To date, the exhibition showed more than 330 companies from 24 countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, great Britain, Germany, Denmark, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, USA, Turkey, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan and the 39 regions of Russia.

We invite the participation of exhibitors and speakers of business program. We are also pleased to see all visitors of the exhibition "MVC: Grain - mixed Feed - veterinary – 2020".

The meeting place cannot be changed! 25 years of trust.

For more information, see the website of the exhibition: www.mvc-expohleb.ru

Contacts of the organizing Committee:

(495) 755-50-38, (495) 755-50-35, (495) 974-00-61; info@expokhleb.com

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