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In the fields "PROMAGRO" it's harvest time
In the crop division "PROMAGRO" is in full swing harvesting of early grain. Workers need to harvest in two farms on the area of almost 19 hectares.
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This year, due to weather conditions, harvest started earlier than expected. Threshing are five teams, two of which are in the "Rogovatovskaya the field", and three in Agrofirm "Krasnenskiy". All the fields involved 40 harvesters.

According to the sown area of 15.5 thousand hectares is winter wheat, 3 thousand hectares – barley, 175 acres – peas and 150 hectares of triticale. Winter wheat yield this year is 55 centners from hectare, barley – about 40 t/ha, peas – 37 kg/ha. soon farmers will begin to harvest triticale. On stage – soybeans, sunflowers and corn.

Soon begin harvesting in the Smolensk region there will waterbite about 2.3 thousand hectares of flax.

General Director APH "PROMAGRO" Konstantin crutch stressed that at present the company provides the number of pigs of their own feed, which is very important from the point of view of economic and Biosafety. "In many ways, this contributed to the acquisition in 2019 of Agrofirm "Krasnenskiy," making the land Bank has tripled. Also this is the first year we have our own flax, which will be processed at the new plant in Safonovo".




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