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In Zabaykalsky Krai in cattle the disease is detected emphysematous carbuncle
From 23 July 2019, in the village of UNDA rural settlement "Undinskiye" Baleyskaya area entered quarantine in connection with the detection of the disease in cattle emphysematous carbuncle.
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Management of Rosselhoznadzora on Transbaikalian edge informs that this is a dangerous infectious disease that causes a special kind of bacteria, often accompanied by the death of the young. To treat this disease is extremely difficult, and a large number of cases of the disease still ends in death. Therefore, the focus of the owners of cattle must be given to the organization of effective preventive measures, which include:

  • herds of grazing exclusively on pasture with a moderate or minimal amount of moisture;
  • use as a water source for livestock only running clean water bodies;
  • feeding animals high-quality forage, which are particles of soil, manure and various waste.
  • urgent transfer to quarantine any cows during the inspection and where there is suspicion of the presence of emphysematous anthrax;
  • periodic treatment of the barn and summer the animals with disinfectant solutions;
  • total ban on grazing herds in close proximity to burial sites;
  • permanent inspection of livestock for signs of disease and other health problems;
  • periodic vaccinations for all livestock farms.
  • the slaughter of infected cows for meat and use of milk obtained from them is also prohibited.




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