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Grain harvested in Belarus almost 40% of the area
Cereals (excluding maize, buckwheat and millet) in Belarus was removed from the 846,7 thousand hectares, which amounts to 39.2% of the harvest area, BelTA informs with reference to the operational information of the Ministry of agriculture and food.
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According to 29 July, the leader is still the Brest region, where harvested for 70.9% of the area. In the Gomel region harvested 43.2 per cent of the area of grain, in Grodno - 46,3%, in Minsk - 33,3%, Mogilev - 29,2%, in Vitebsk, which last involved in the harvest, is 15.8%.
All in all, Belarus harvested nearly 2.8 mln tons of grain. The average per hectare this year agrarians harvested 33 t of grain.
Completed cleaning of winter rape for grain: he removed from 296,5 thousand hectares (99.1% of plan). Just harvested 619,7 thousand tons at a yield of 20.9 t/ha.
In addition, economy of Belarus held the second mowing by 71.3% of the area (559 ha). According to the Ministry of agriculture, agricultural organizations of the country have prepared 3033,6 thousand tonnes of feed units of grass fodder. Just this year they plan to prepare 9168 thousand tons of Haylage harvested 9327,4 kt (71,8% of the plan), hay - 654 thousand tons (69%), silage - 343,5 thousand tons (1,89%).
Len iterable by 25.6 thousand hectares (49.3% of the plan). In addition, a wrapping of tapes or 31.3% literalnode flax.

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