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Delicious exhibition: guests SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA 2019 has been proposed more than 50 different fish dishes seafood
Fish fast food, chips from kelp, shrimp tempura, appetizers of scallops, oysters, mussels, Tartar ear, and more able to try participants and visitors of the III International exhibition of fishing industry, seafood and technologies, which took place in mid-July in the Northern capital in tandem with the fishing forum. At the stands of participants during all three days of the event included master-classes and tasting of fish products and the food court guests are served by three of the St. Petersburg fast-food restaurant.
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Russia's first fast-food seafood Seafood Box offered platter of shrimp and squid, breaded, croissants with slices of salmon, envelopes of tuna, skewers of seafood. Pancake "Leningrad 1977" sold pancakes with salmon and red caviar, and visitors Burger "No Address" tasted a variety of sandwiches, rolls and hot dogs with red fish. Three days of work at the food court was serviced about 6 thousand people.

Participating companies also indulged visitors a variety of fish dishes. At the stand "Antey" chef Sergey Sinitsyn prepared various dishes from the legendary sardine-iwashi, and told and showed how to handle a live crab. "Russian fishing company" gave visitors a pasta with seafood, grilled sticks and meatballs from minced fish, and burgers with white fish. From chefs to "Dolcevitta" you could learn the secrets of cooking shrimp and of course their taste, and at the Tatarstan stand everyone suggested to try the national soup of the 7 species of fish. The exposition of the Arkhangelsk region, visitors were treated to chips with white sea kelp, Crimean mariculture fed all the oysters and Turkish mussels. Great tasting with a cooking show also launched on the stand of the Belarusian company "Santa Bremor", where you could try out different fish products with a high degree of processing.

III international fishery forum and exhibition of fishing industry, seafood and technology held July 10-12 in St. Petersburg. The exhibition took 335 companies from 35 regions of Russia and 25 countries of the world, and visited the event about 10 thousand people.

Operator SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA exhibition 2019 is a full service company Expo Solutions Group.

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