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Russian grains are gaining momentum
Last year the price of wheat reached $ 235 per ton. In the same year, the price hardly will reach $ 200.
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The pace of wheat exports from Russia began to accelerate. For the first week of August, shipments rose 18 percent to the previous week, up 1.3 million tons.

At the end of August the shipment of grain can reach 3.8-4.2 million tons. It is also known that in Europe, grain prices fell because of a good harvest.

In the past year the price of Russian wheat reached $ 235 per tonne for the same period. This fall, the price will not be more than $ 200.

Producers from Russia to support the opening of the Saudi market. However, they will have to compete with the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Romania, Germany and Poland, writes "Kommersant".

Previously "FederalPress" reported that the experts were surprised by the atypical behavior of grain prices. According to experts, in August the prices have never been grown, except in exceptional cases. Prices should drop because there is an active harvesting. This year, however, a completely opposite trend.

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