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Russian Guild of bakers and confectioners (Rospik) estimates the growth of prices for bread in Russia in January-July 2019
Russian Guild of bakers and confectioners (Rospik) estimates the growth of prices for bread in Russia in January-July 2019 at a level below the annual inflation rate and considerably less than those estimates, which results in the statistical office.
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Rospec offers Rosstat to change the data representation at the price of bread in the country so that to reflect the picture for each region. President of the Guild Yuri Katsnelson sure that the dynamics of price growth below inflation. The price of bread "up did not run, so do not be afraid".

– The data of Rosstat does not take into account the statistics on private producers, who sell their bread at retail, although their prices are very flexible, – said the head of Rospec. – In retail at home is worth the price of this, which bread to buy, but they will not operate at a loss. The price of bread is now laid down tariffs of natural monopolies. Water, electricity, gas, the rent of land, facilities, payments for the earth of course, all this is included in the price of bread. Therefore, the government needs to carefully see, where to curb their appetites - to the cost of bread was at least stable for some period. Much depends on regional administrations, which are responsible for social occupancy price of bread in the regions, taking into account, for example, energy tariffs, land relations, etc. is One thing when you buy bread in Krasnoyarsk, and another thing – in the North of Krasnoyarsk region. So you need to understand and not to mislead.

In the Guild of bakers and confectioners noted that Rosstat considers prices mainly as a result of activities of the industrial producers and in the trade network, the share of which is 80-85% of the retail bread, and margin – not less than 25-30%.

– But that does not mean you have to limit the surcharges retailers, because they are focused on customers with different income levels, – emphasizes Yuri Katsnelson. – The range of shops is very large, there is a choice, and most importantly.

Position Respec is that in Russia today it is important to develop a private bakery, using the world experience, because abroad there are no topics price of bread due to the large number of private bakers. For example, if Russia has 140 million people accounts for 13 of thousands of traditional, in Greece's 10 million population – 14 thousand bakeries in Mexico – 56 thousand, and only in Paris – 3.5 thousands of private bakers.


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