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Miratorg increased the number of Russian cowboys in the framework of the interregional project on cattle up to 1600 people
APH "Miratorg", the largest investor in the agro-industrial complex of Russia, said that he had increased the number of operators, livestock producers in the framework of interregional project to expand production of high-quality beef in the Bryansk, Orel, Kaluga, Tula, Smolensk and Kaliningrad regions since the beginning of 2019 34% to over 1,600 thousand people.
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"Miratorg" - one of the largest employers in the agricultural industry of the country. Agricultural holding with scratch built a vertically integrated beef production from "field to fork" with the total number of cattle more than 650 thousand heads. The business plan envisages a consistent growth in production through increasing the cattle up to 1 million head in the next few years through its own resources, which in turn means the creation of new jobs with decent wages and prospects for professional and career growth.

Training of highly qualified specialists who work with beef cattle - the strategic objective of personnel policy of the holding. Today the total number of employees of the interregional project exceeds 11 thousand people, of which more than 1,600 were Russian cowboys, operators of livestock producers working with beef animals on farms. The main objective of the cowboys is to ensure the cultivation of healthy calves in a stress free environment with minimal interference in the lives of animals in nature.

The company is focused on the constant professional growth of employees and systematically invests in training and development of staff as at our own training center of "Meat Business Academy", and through international partnerships. Training includes techniques and methods for the treatment of cattle, stretches, sorting, work on a horse and basic veterinary procedures performed with all technological groups of animals. In addition to continuous staff training, Miratorg uses such well-established forms of work with personnel as trainings, internships in the workplace, and mentoring.

"The main task of "Miratorg" as a socially responsible business, creating new jobs, especially for people in rural areas, where unemployment is known to be one of the most high. We value people who work in the world, because quality of a product begins with respect for themselves and their work. The work of the cowboy is not for the lazy, here are the only real professionals who are able to invest in the business and their knowledge and experience, and soul. This profession involves the daily improvement of skills and improvement of skills, because continuous improvement processes on the farm is the way to efficient production. Thanks to the operators of dairy farmers in the regions implemented the most important stages in the production of high quality beef, and also creates its own base for training highly qualified specialists in work with beef cattle", - said the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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