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Freight report, week 32 2019
Region: Volga-don basin, the Azov sea, Black sea, Caspian sea Tonnage: Bonfire
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For message senders, the price of grain on the domestic market continues to grow, which negatively affects the exports. At the same time, estimated at the beginning of August, the volume of cleaned grain more than last year. Another reason experts call improved infrastructure for grain storage in the region. Manufacturers are trying to hold the wheat of the new harvest and thereby create an excessive demand on foreign markets.
Prolonged rains in the Central Federal District has maintained high domestic prices for cereals and influenced the further decline of freight on the sea of Azov to $19-20 per tonne of wheat on the basis of the flight Rostov-Samsun. With the current state of market the minimum difference between prices of sale and purchase is approximately $3 per ton, both sides believe that in the future the market will move in their favor.
Eid al-Adha has led to the termination of the procurement mid-week, the Islamic countries, in fact, gone for the long weekend. The number of new transactions as declined, as Traders tried to refocus on the European direction.
Many ship-Owners preferred to postpone the conclusion of contracts for the period after the holiday, relying on the subsequent market growth. In addition, a large part of the fleet is delayed in queues at the ports of discharge, becoming unavailable for new contracts.
Despite going in early summer, the rumors about the departure of the port of Rostov from handling General cargo and focusing on bulk cargoes in mid-August, transshipment of equipment is still in progress. Tariffs for transshipment as per direct scheme remained at the same level, but the use of the piers became much more expensive. In this direct handling requires the coordination of simultaneous approach of the ship "river-sea" and river vessel, which can lead under unfavorable conditions to downtime of both ships. Thus, because of the increased cost of handling ship-shore-ship, you can predict the rise of demand for direct sending by the courts under the Russian flag.
In the Caspian sea basin there was a similar situation: business activity because of the holidays (Kurban-Bairam) and the long weekend has decreased to a minimum. This can lead to a large accumulation of vessels in Astrakhan and Iranian ports raids, which will become the reason for the decline in freight. According to the statements of Traders, difficulties in dealing with Iran has led to the fact that local importers are most trying to pass on the cash. In the region used complex schemes to transfer money through the Turkish and Dubai-based company, which seriously increases the time of translation, and often leads to delays of ships waiting for freight.

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