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The first foreign company intends to obtain accreditation in the Federal service for accreditation in Russian organic standards
Greek A CA CERT was the first foreign company, which plans to be accredited in the Federal service for accreditation and certify Russian producers of organic matter according to Russian standards.
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National Organic Union and the Greek company A CERT European Organization for Certification S. A. last week concluded negotiations and signed a cooperation agreement. "The company will be A CERT accredited in the Federal service for accreditation and will work with organic producers. Thus, it will be the first foreign certifier, accredited in the Russian Federation, which will also be able to certify organic Russian manufacturers", - noted Oleg Mironenko, Executive Director of the National Organic Union.

"In September our company will begin the process of official accreditation of the Federal service for accreditation. It is an important step," stresses of Konstantia Nalmpantis, managing Director of Greek company A CERT.

"A CERT European organization for certification S. A. - is a body for control and certification of products, management systems and personnel, said Konstantia Nalmpantis. - The headquarters of A CERT is in Thessaloniki (Greece), the company has offices in Germany (Stuttgart), Belgium (Brussels), Russian Federation (Moscow), Bulgaria (Sofia). We have strategic alliances worldwide and a wide network of partners and representatives (Albania, FYROM, Serbia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, etc.) to stay close to their customers and the markets in which they are treated. Fundamental to all of us in the certificate protecting the reliability, health and safety, taking into account the public interest and sustainable development. For this, we dedicate most of our resources, investing in professionals with a high level of skills and know-how, and also high technology."

"Thanks to our cooperation with Greek colleagues will be able to close those niches that have not yet closed. A CERT is planning to hold a series of joint projects with Russian companies and to create in Russia conditions for the certification of aquaculture production, dikorosov biofertilizers and other biological products", - said Oleg Mironenko.

A CERT is also preparing a course for inspectors who want to work in the field of certification.

A CERT in 2011, working in the organic sector with companies engaged in export of organic products. "Organika – the main direction in which we plan to do in Russia. Experience shows that companies that sell organics for export also require certification of management systems such as ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000, and in assessing compliance with the FVO, that is, in the services that we provide and which are required for exporting to EU countries", - said Konstantia Nalmpantis.

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Friday, 07 August 2020
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