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JSC Federal freight transported 1 million tons of construction materials for development of transport system of the Saratov region
In the period 2016 – 2019 Federal freight company transported more than 1 million tons of construction cargo in open wagons in the framework of the Saratov region in the Federal target program "Development of transport system of Russia".
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Head of the Saratov Agency transport services of JSC "FGC" Oleg Vladimirov said: "the Company provides a significant proportion of socially significant transportations in all regions of the country. We are actively involved in the transportation of gravel and other construction materials intended for construction of roads and Railways in the Saratov region, and planned the logistics of our Park at the site of the Privolzhskaya railway with a view to the further development of transport infrastructure".

He also stressed that a considerable part of the goods went to the new airport Gagarin, who 20 Aug 2019 took the first regular flight: "For the construction of the air Harbor in gondola cars of JSC "Federal freight" transported 277 thousand tons of construction materials, accounting for 19% of the total number received by the airport cargo".


Construction freight cars of JSC "FGC" was delivered to the Volga railroad from the polygons of the North Caucasus, South-East, South Ural and other Railways.

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