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In the Saratov region declared a state of emergency for drought
By order of the Governor of the Saratov region from August 22, 2019 in the worst-affected from adverse weather conditions areas declared a state of emergency.
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"Dangerous agrometeorological conditions in the winter (rot), spring and summer (soil and atmospheric drought, droughts) have dried out the soil, reduced the moisture supply of plants, called in some places declining yields and loss of crops.
Commission inspection of crops of spring cereals and their assessment, including the economic feasibility of harvesting, confirmed the death of crops on the area of 124,1 thousand hectares, suffered 225 households in 22 districts," reported IA "Sarbk" the Ministry of agriculture in the region.
In the framework of the regime established in the region implemented a plan to eliminate and reduce damages from emergencies, are assessing the losses caused to producers, say in the Department and declare that the amount of the projected harvest will fully meet the needs of the region in seeds, food and fodder grain, and will allow to realize the agricultural products outside the region.

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