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Agroindustrial holding "Avida" purchased Valtra®, AGCO Corporation
AGCO-RM, one of the leaders of the Russian market of distribution of agricultural machinery, announces the delivery of three tractors Valtra® T234 Versu with attachments in Agroholding "Avida" in the Belgorod region. The company is among the five largest Russian companies by production of raw milk, with its resource base. Supplied by the official dealer of AGCO-RM, the company "Agrotrade".
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Equipment Valtra® has successfully established itself in the agricultural market of Russia: today it is used by the largest agro-industrial enterprises of the country. The purpose of the expansion of the fleet of the company "Avida" – improving the quality of preparation and production of feed for dairy plant, the parent company of the holding.

It is planned that tractors Valtra® T234 Versu, equipped with powerful 6-cylinder engine will be used for seeding and treatment 24 000 hectares of land and forage for farms in Stary Oskol and Chernyansky district of the Belgorod region. The use of tractors and new technologies will allow to conduct all field work at the scheduled time and, as a result, to ensure the highest quality of harvested forages.

Filimonov Pavel Ivanovich, General Director Agrosoyuz "Avida":

All our tractors are used very actively: ploughing, sowing, forage from late may to late autumn, the whole machinery involved in the fields. The holding company "Avida" 12 000 milk cows, for which we annually harvest 80 000 tonnes of silage, 95 000 tons of silage and 35 thousand tons of grain. To grow good food and to work effectively with the soil, an innovative approach and high-performance machines. Operators new Valtra® T234 Versu familiar with the new technology pretty quickly, especially the comfort in the cabin, soft landing and visibility. It is important for us along with performance, after all, how convenient to operate the machine operator, affects the quality and speed of its mission.

Danilov Alexey Mikhailovich, the head of the branch No. 1 of ZAO Soyuz "Avida":

– The acquisition of a particular technology is determined by two important criteria – efficiency and endurance. In comparison with tractors, previously purchased and working for us now, the new technique itself is really justified. She has a very good performance. Tillage and mowing with Valtra® T234 Versu passed us faster and better than before. We are now awaiting the planting season to try out a new technique in these studies. But today, we are confident that the tractors will show a wonderful result. We are pleased with our purchase.

Olga Shlapak, product Manager of the brand Valtra:

– Agriculture is one of the most actively developing sectors of the Russian economy, and therefore the technique to work must meet the needs of a growing business. The peculiarity of the model you purchased – in a specially designed configuration the RedLine, which is a combination of all of the options necessary for work in agriculture. In addition, the RedLine is a solution available to enterprises seeking to optimize the budget. We can confidently say that the new technique will help to maintain the high quality of production in any agricultural enterprise.

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