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"Miratorg" has organized summer internships for about 40 students from three regions of Russia at the enterprises of the Kaliningrad region in 2019
Miratorg, a leading employer in the agricultural industry of the Russian Federation, said that agricultural enterprises in Kaliningrad region in the framework of the strategy on youth work adopted in industrial practice, about 40 students of higher and secondary special educational institutions of the Kaliningrad region, St. Petersburg and Voronezh in the summer of 2019.
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"Miratorg" - one of the largest employers of the agro-industrial complex of the Kaliningrad region: the total number of employees in the region – about 2 000 people. In connection with the expansion of production creates new jobs and increases the state, attracting to their projects, including graduates. For the formation of personnel reserve and training of young experts taking into account specificity of production, the agricultural holding is implementing the internship programme, "the Generation of agribusiness", encourages promising students with scholarships.

Enterprise for production of semi-finished products "Miratorg West" and the operator of the livestock project "Kaliningrad meat company" within the framework of contracts with educational institutions organize practices and training for future technologists, veterinarians, agronomists, engineers and mechanics. In the summer of 2019, the program was attended by about 40 students from the Kaliningrad state technical University and colleges in the region, the Voronezh state agrarian University, Saint-Petersburg state Academy of veterinary medicine. During the internship, which lasts up to 2 months, the students under the guidance of their mentors, learn the basics of the profession by participating in real production processes. Nonresident trainees the company provides housing.

"On the basis of the enterprises of holding students to seriously improve their professional skills and gain valuable practical skills required for success in modern agriculture. During the training, they independently solve production problems along with experts. The company, in turn, ensures all the conditions for successful adaptation of the trainees, gives you the opportunity to get a job in the specialty with the prospect of professional and career growth", - said the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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