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Manufacturers of animal feed, processors of fish and plants-wild plants have received the right support
Deep processing of agricultural products by domestic companies are also included in the program of state
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The Russian government approved a new edition of the list of products in order to support the organizations working for primary and industrial processing of agricultural products. The list includes canned fish, shellfish and animal feed, follows from the order published Thursday on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, reports TASS.

"Signed by order approves a new list of products. In particular, the list includes such products as processed and preserved fish, crustaceans and molluscs, prepared feeds for agricultural animals", - stated in the text document.

Government support also extended to manufacturers of products of deep processing of agricultural raw materials of own production (stearic acid, animal oils and fats, enzyme preparations).

Development and state support of activities on the harvesting of wild fruits, berries, nuts, mushrooms, seeds, birch SAP, medicinal plants and production of food products, the list also includes products produced from non-timber forest resources.

The decisions taken will contribute to "the promotion of production of main kinds of agricultural products and products of food and processing industry" and the development of export of Russian agricultural products, raw materials and food, the document notes.

In accordance with the Federal law "About agriculture development" state support of development of agriculture, sustainable development of rural territories is carried out, including in the form of availability of credit resources for agricultural producers producing agricultural products and engaged in its processing, the citizens, the leading private farms, peasant farms, as well as organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in processing of agricultural products and its implementation, provided that their share of income from the sale of such goods is not less than 70% for the year.




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