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"Zainsk sugar" started the modernization project at the packaging of sugar
OAO "Zainsk sugar" and a subsidiary of AGROSILA, upgrade the production capacity of production of small packaging. In the season of 2019-2020 sharovarova launched a line of transportation of sugar, according to the engineer of packing Plant JSC "Zainsk sugar" Konstantin jijikin. "At the end of the modernization project of the sugar will be supplied with transportation lines directly to all of the packing line, eliminating an intermediate stage in the distribution of products in bags of 50 kg. This item will significantly reduce the cost of the final product," - said Konstantin jijikin.
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Investment project of packing plant at the site "Zainsk sugar" was implemented in 2015. The new line enabled the distribution of products in environmentally friendly packaging 0.9 and 1 kg New shop is equipped with equipment of the Russian manufacturer "NOTIS". In turn, the world leader in production of equipment for packing sugar Yilmaz Makina (Turkey) have established a line of pressing of sugar. Today the shop filling sugar is divided into two sections, and its total capacity is 60 tons per day, 1.5 thousand tons per month and 15 thousand tons of products per year.

"The capacity of 20 tons a day and shows the production area where sugar is Packed in bags from 5 to 25 kg. the Plot of pressing of sugar produces three automatic lines. It is here we receive the product is Packed in environmentally friendly packaging 1 kg, polypropylene bags with a capacity of 1 kg refined sugar packing 1 kg. and 0.5 the Performance of the last line is 12.5 tons of pressed sugar per day", - said Konstantin jijikin, adding that storage products there are two warehouses with a capacity of 1600 tons.

Recall that in the season 2019 "Zainsk sugar" plans to adopt sugar beet in the amount of 1.2 million tons. The total daily volume of the stacked sugar beet will amount to 15 thousand tons. "Zainsk sugar" plans to increase industrial production due to the high quality repair of equipment, implementation of programs of staff training and planned replacement of obsolete equipment. The plant is one of the most innovative in the industry – the company became the first in Russia in the food industry, awarded with the seal "silver" level of "Toyota Engineering Corporation". The figure today is 3.89 points, which corresponds to the level of global corporations.

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