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Cleaning-2019. In the province received about 100 thousand tons of sugar beet
According to operational data on the morning of 30 August in the Altai region is dug to about 100 thousand tons of sugar beet , according to "Agrovestnik" according to the materials of the regional Ministry of agriculture.
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The average yield is higher than the same period last year and is 398 quintals per hectare.
Culture excavated from 9% of the area – with 2,500 hectares.

Harvesting is in farms of two districts of Pavlovsky and Kalmansky. The rest of the economy prepare for the start of the harvest season in accordance with the delivery schedules of roots to a processing plant.
Recall that in this year's sugar beet crops are concentrated in the areas of:

  • Pavlovsk
  • Kolmanskop,
  • Rebrikhinskiy,
  • Topchikhinsky,
  • Shelabolikhinskiy.

Culture in the region is 27.5 thousand hectares more than last year in 4 thousand hectares.




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