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In Udmurtia will be another robotic farm
In Grakhovsky district of the Udmurt Republic have started building a new dairy farm, where the operators of machine milking of cows will be replaced by robotic milker Lely. This will be the fourth robotic farm in the Republic, reports "Agrovestnik" citing the agriculture Ministry.
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The investment project is implemented by OOO "Walnut", the construction project began in June of this year. At the moment the frame Assembly to complete the construction plan in the third quarter of 2020. New high-tech farm is being built on the site of the old.

As noted by the head of agricultural Vadim Usoltsev, the barn is designed for the maintenance of 280 heads, and here "prescribe" four of a robot milker. To serve the industrial complex will be only four people. To increase the dairy herd in 2020, the farm plans to purchase 150 head of breeding heifers. And I hope that by the end of the year, milk production will increase to 8.7 tons per day, the increase will amount to more than 126%.

According to operational reporting, today, daily total milk production in LLC "Walnut" is 6,900 kg per cow milked 19,1 kg. the farm the number of cattle is 838 goals, including 360 dairy cows.




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