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Onf experts presented the youth of the Volgograd region the project "Village. The territory of development"
Experts of the Russian popular front presented the project "Village. The territory of development" participants of the youth educational forum "Volga" in the Volgograd region. At the forum, which takes place from September 3 to 6, 300 leaders of student and youth professional communities participate in educational sessions, master classes and workshops, develop projects in key areas of youth policy.
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The onf project "Village. The territory of development" at the discussion site "the Village to revive the young" was presented by first Deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of rural youth (RSSM) Dmitry Pekurovskaya and regional project coordinator Nikolay Dudkin. Implemented jointly with the RSSM project aims to engage residents in the development of rural areas, monitoring the implementation of national projects and state programs in rural areas.

The participants of the discussion discussed the main problems of rural development and opportunities for youths in rural areas. "Only with an active civil position, which is at the local youth will develop the rural areas of the Volgograd region. It is important to Express their opinions and to participate in the development of new approaches to rural development. It was to engage residents and youth, primarily in rural development, is the primary goal of the onf project", – said Pekurovskaya.

The importance of active participation of youth initiatives in the village and said Dudkin: "Here on the forum in thematic platform "Young farmers" held an interactive session on "Trajectory of development", the Farmer-researcher and farmer-scientist, farmer-specialist". They all showed that our young people, students and working young professionals, ready to engage in the development of their villages. In the framework of the onf project and events RSSM for these opportunities. Already started monitoring the construction of 33 health posts in the villages of the Volgograd region. Also before the end of the year we have planned a series of training events engaged local residents to support mechanisms for the village".

To participate in the onf project "Village. The territory of development" connected more than 700 people from all regions of the country, including more than 50 activists of the Volgograd region. The objectives of the project include the monitoring of the implementation of national projects and government programs affecting the development of rural territories, development of proposals to improve the quality of life in rural areas and involvement of local residents in development of their settlements. In 2020 it is planned to cover at least 3 thousand of 153 thousand Russian villages.

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